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Similarly, the man is supposed to be the dominator, and the woman is supposed to be the dominated – a sort of breeding sex machine that should not feel any pleasure in order to be considered socially acceptable.To understand where Indians got this idea, we just need to notice the English expression “animal husbandry”.Millions of Deities and decorative images were defaced, broken or destroyed, and many thousands of temples completely razed to the ground.This is why it is so difficult to find really ancient temples built and decorated in Vedic style.Enforced by the abrahamic invaders, the wholesale condemnation of the intrinsic beauty and joy of the natural form and activities of the body, effectively destroyed the Vedic expressions of beauty and joy, or covered them with the thick plaster of shame.

Many Hindus consider the Kamasutra an “obscene book”, and some even go as far as denying its respectability as a Vedic scripture.

The Kama shastra is a perfect example of this happy, healthy and natural balance.

The text starts by carefully explaining about the four religious purposes of life: dharma (ethical behavior, virtue and duty), artha (acquisition of valuable things), kama (sense gratification) and moksha (liberation from material identifications and attachments).

The situation created by this widespread ignorance and degradation has become so seriously damaging, that its effects are showcased by ill-motivated propagandists as the worst “social evils created by Hinduism” – mistreatment of women, child marriage, arranged forced marriage, casteism, racism, superstition as opposed to verifiable scientific knowledge, cruelty to animals, corruption, etc.

In a sort of blind knee-jerk reaction, some Hindu activists unwittingly endorse such destructive ideas, instead of actually investing time and effort in studying the original texts and understanding how they can be applied successfully to our contemporary world to solve practically all the problems we are facing.

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