Dating while divorce in process

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His lawyer is demanding (unreasonable) information about child and stopped the payments to extort that information.

According to our separation agreement, my ex has to keep paying even if there are disagreements (there is conflict resolution process for it).

In case you need more help getting through divorce.

Here are six things I wish I’d known before filing, and habits that will help make you happier while going through your divorce, and a list of many legal terms you’ll need to know when you go to court or review paperwork from your attorney.

To get more specific information on laws for your specific area you can visit your provincial government website, or retain a family lawyer.

Provincial Government websites: The division of property in a divorce can be quite complicated and the more assets a couple has the more complex the laws can seem.

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That said, to help give you a very basic understanding on this topic, below is a general overview of most provincial statutes regarding the division of property during divorce.

In the eyes of the law a marriage is an equal partnership.

So, whether a spouse is responsible for running the household or earning family income, their contribution to the relationship is equally important.

I wanted to tap into the wisdom that so many women have for others.

So, I asked women on the Round and Round Rosie Facebook page to share their own hard won wisdom.

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