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The fish are chasing each other around and around, jumping clear out of the water at times, and jamming themselves into skimmer boxes, there is frantic group activity along the shoreline rockwork and plantings.We also have pretty consistent water quality conditions with nice clear water, and a clean pond surface just about all year.

If you are not familiar with what to look for, so you can witness a koi spawning, there are some easy to recognize signs any pond owner can see.

And the “rules” of spawning get broken all the time when sudden condition changes occur that may trigger our fish into spawning mode out of season.

Customer says: “Hey my fish are fighting and it looks like Mr. The pond kinda smells a bit too…” Pond Pro says: “Cool, congratulations! Of course, a bit earlier or a bit later, a bit longer or a bit shorter of a spawning season depending upon where you live.

He also hosts the Pond Hunter Radio Broadcast, a show on everything aquatic, every other Wednesday at 8pm EST.

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