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Many times, when you as opposed to a genuine feeling. I think you would know better than anyone else whether any of what I have said to you makes sense.

THERAPIST: Anger can indeed be a sign of depression, especially when it is out of character for the person. There were many times when you were on a mission of sorts – taking no prisoners – fighting hard to get what you wanted – and you weren’t angry at all.

After all the back and forth power-jockeying, impression-managing, manipulation, and game-playing, once sufficiently cornered and overwhelmed by the evidence of his lifelong problem and served notice that he could change how he operates if only he would make the choice to do so at any given moment, Tom finally does evidence some change.

He does this when he admits what I’ve said all along is a problem (i.e.

And as counter-intuitive as it seems, it’s really important to recognize the value of that small step in the right direction because it’s something that can be built upon.

I have heard all sorts of insults hurled against the Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko.There are many other issues illustrated by this case, all of which merit further discussion, and some of which I’ll address again next week before moving on to a new subjectf.But one thing I simply must point out is the axiom I’ve mentioned time and time again about encounters with character-impaired people whether or not those encounters occur within a formal therapeutic context: change, if it is to ever actually take place, ALWAYS occurs in the here-and-now.So it irked him that someone would call attention to his lack of inhibition over his impulses or his “defective” mental “brakes.” Tom’s opening statement – the first thing he said when he entered my office and sat down – also illustrates a key point about aggressive personalities: the for position was already on and had begun even before he got there.It was my job to hold position, without being sucked into a verbal and relational donnybrook, backed defensively into a corner, or being run over. But I thought the case was illuminating on this point anyway.

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