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The National Health Service is one vital skein; and however much this Government is seeking to pull the wool over our eyes, the NHS is being dismantled at a frightening rate. Karine has become a mother, and her own experience has taught her to rely on caring hospitals.In the song ‘Lullaby For A Lost Mother’, she says that until the end of the 1930s, maternal mortality in Scotland stood at 4,000 deaths per 100,000 live births: “That’s twice the death rate of contemporary South Sudan, the world’s most dangerous place to become pregnant today.At Christmastime in the 19th century, the village men would go out visiting with The Mumbles Horse, and the boys would follow after with a ram’s head, singing this song which the local vicar – who came from Derby – said he had written for them!) Anyway, Paul co-maintains the Pembrokeshire Newsletter folk events diary, with ex-journalist and fiddler Holly Robinson and caller and Cuffern Manor bed-and-breakfast owner Jules Rutter.

The trio is named after Henry Purcell, arguably the greatest English baroque composer of all; in 1679, he wrote songs for Playford’s , and attended his funeral at the city’s Temple Church in 1686.

In Scotland, the current figure stands at around 10 deaths per 100,000 live births.

Though every single death is a tragedy, it’s an incredible turnaround across only three generations, and a direct result of state investment in public health.” is Karine’s spectacular and starkly beautiful companion to the Edinburgh production.

Right from the very start, Purcell’s Polyphonic Party constantly surprise and amaze everyone with an appetising feast of maggots, jigs, bourees and anything that walks – or skips – on the earth.

Vicki, Jonny and John jump in with the intricately-stringed ‘Dick’s Maggot’, the gay ‘Jacob Hall’s Jig’, the exotic and beautiful ‘A Trip To Paris’, the grand and mysterious ‘Emperor Of The Moon’ and the audaciously-scored ‘Maiden Lane’.

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