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Janice Jones-Weaver calls Janet a snake, Wanda Vantapool points out that Janet doesn’t need all that money, and Karen Stambaugh points out that the age at which Janet got pregnant (50) and the fact that she split just three months after the five year mark and the birth of their baby is questionable.I’m not going to comment on Kristin Attaway’s comment about keeping the baby in the Middle East, since customs, laws, etc dictate custody, and the whole “I’m entitled to have what I want because I’m American” is another issue separate to the one I’m pointing out.Dolores Borges agrees with Mary J, but doesn’t detract from Kendu Isaacs, so I won’t count her against him, but rather for Blige.But our friend Evette Elliott basically calls Isaacs a thief, in that he “stole” money: And in the comments below, Uzima calls Issaacs a “wilderbeast” I guess like attracts like eh?

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One notable woman, Laquisha Edwards, attacks these women who disagree with Janet’s actions: Not sure if the guy in the pic is Laquisha’s boyfriend or male relative, or if “she” was a “he” in the past, lol, they have a similar facial structure. Here’s Laquisha in all her glory: Edwards attacks Vantapool’s assessment of Janet’s greed by commenting that “…celebrity p***y is VERY expensive…[Al Mana] should have checked the price tag…” Then Edwards goes after Stambaugh calling her a hater, jealous, and that Janet is an intelligent strong, black black (don’t know why she put “black” twice, it’s not like Janet’s dark-skinned, lol) female and she calls other women who don’t agree with her “small-minded”.

That’s 8 against Isaacs 1 for Isaacs (a guy) and I won’t count him.

There’s 1 that could be in support of Isaacs if it’s in the legal contract, so to be conservative, I’ll count it.

Not only have I seen the disdain for the men, but the lauding of the women who do the exact same thing using the exact same systems.

This type of behavior has negative implications for true gender equality and threatens to widen the chasm between male/female interactions.

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